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Manon Galama || Stockholm based lifestyle photographer with a focus on storytelling

Every story is important, and it deserves to be told in a pure and timeless way. Let's make some memories.

Hi, I'm Manon Galama. Lifestyle photographer based in Stockholm. As a lifestyle photographer I like to tell your story in a adventurous and natural way. You are more then welcome to book your family photoshoot, new born photoshoot, coupleshoot or personal portraitshoot at me. The photoshoot takes place at your home, another indoor location or at a beautiful outdoor spot. It's up to you!


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Family story

A coupleshoot is the perfect way to celebrate the love between the two of you. During a couple photoshoot I like to come close; hear your story, dreams and vision. That's the way to show the true you and the true love between you. And don't worry; I give you plenty of tips during the coupleshoot so that you feel comfortable in front of the lens.

The days fly by and before you know it your children are already a year older. Give yourself that lifelong memory of beautiful and relaxed photos with your family. I would love to come with you all on a little trip outdoors or just come to your house to make this unforgettable memories of making cookies, reading a book or playing around.

This is a shoot for all the woman who want to celebrate themself, celebrate life of maybe process a certain period.

You are good as you are. I repeat: you are good the way you are. In this personal portrait photoshoot I photograph you in a personal and natural way. Because you are beautiful like you are.

A newborn photoshoot to make some unique memories of the first period of your little one. For this shoot I like to come to your home and photograph your new daily rhythm with your newborn.

Result? Natural and timeless photos which have a huge value. Because remember they do grow up ;)

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Price: 3990 kr

Price: 3990 KR

Price: 3490 KR

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cycled kilometers per year on the way to my clients

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edited photos

people made happy with memories

I love to be outdoors. So if it's possible I will take my bike as a way of transporting myself to the location. I'm Dutch, maybe that explains it.

I want my customers to be happy. That's why I like to take the time to get to know your wishes and have a relaxed photoshoot. No rush!

Yes, you are pretty like you are. But I still edit every photo I deliver. My edit style is timeless and natural.

Since 2018 I have photographed over 400 people. All happy clients who have a lifelong memory.

Feel free and welcome

Photography is freedom for me. The freedom to create, to tell stories in a unique way and to capture people as their real selves. I'm not a lifestyle photographer who goes for the perfect styled picture. I capture what is. Because that's the most beautiful thing. Everything is already good as it is.

Feel welcome as you truly are.

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