Frequently asked questions about a photoshoot; how to book, what to wear and much more.


That depends entirely on my schedule. In the summer months I fill up faster and I advise you to book at least 1 month in advance. During the rest of the year it is often possible to schedule a photo shoot within 2-3 weeks. Do you have a last minute request for the same week; always email me. I can see what I can do for you.

How far in advance do I have to book?

If the photoshoot will be outside and it rains or there is a huge (snow) storm, the photoshoot cannot take place. The reason for this is that my camera is not completely waterproof and with really bad weather conditions I cannot deliver the same quality as I normally do. A day in advance we always have contact via WhatsApp. We will also check the weather and I'll give you an update whether it can go ahead as planned or whether we have to wait until the next morning. If the shoot has to be moved, we will look for a new date. However, bad weather can never be a reason for a refund if there is no exceptional reason for this.

What happens if it rains during the photo shoot?

Of course not. My photography my photography focuses on normal people like you and me. And remember that you don't have to do anything special either! You can be yourself, just as you are. I guide you through the process and give directions if necessary. I always photograph normal people with no experience in front of the camera. So relax, and just book your shoot if you want lifelong memories.

Is it a problem that I have no experience yet?

What should I wear during the photoshoot?

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and which is comfortable too. So you better leave those too tight pants at home! And go for something in which you can move comfortable.

Clothing with small patterns (blocks, dots, stripes) should be avoided. This causes distortion on the image. Also I wouldn't recommend wearing anything with large text on it or something in bright (neon) colors.You can find more styling and clothing tips in my Welcome guide that I will send you when you have booked the photoshoot.

When do I choose if I want to purchase an upgrade?

You do this after you have seen the photos in the online gallery. This gallery contains the selection with the most beautiful photos. So you first can have a look at the final results, before you decide if you want to purchase more digital files or Fine Art Prints.

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