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Manon Galama - Lifestyle portrait photographer in Stockholm

Hi, I'm Manon Galama

First of all; I'm so happy you are reading my website. Thanks for that! Hopefully I can help you with making these valuable memories for you (and your partner/family).

Now a little bit more about me. I'm Manon, 31 years old and living with my boyfriend in Stockholm. I grew up in the Netherlands, but at the moment I'm living in Stockholm. The city that stole my heart 10 years ago when I stayed here one year as an au-pair.

I would describe myself as a dreamer, creative person, always full of ideas and a outdoors person. Outdoors is the place where I relax, get ideas and simply feel happy. Each day I need to go outside; feel the wind, breath some fresh air and be inspired by the surroundings.

I have been busy with photography since my childhood. Capturing the world as I saw it; full of special places and filled with unique people. During all vacations with my family and friends I brought my camera. But I also photographed a lot at home. My friends were regularly in front of my lens. That enormous love for photography has grown into my own company in 2018. A step that took courage after completing two academic studies. But I felt I had no other choice. My love for photography had grown too big to do nothing with it.

The last 4 years I have been working as a professional lifestyle photographer. Four amazing years in which I had more then 400 people in total in front of my lens. Photography makes me happy, meeting people gives me energy and the creative process gives me a sense of freedom. This is what I love to do most.

My photography style can best be described as raw, authentic and the photos always tell a story. In a world where nothing seems to be what it is, I want to make a difference as a photographer. I want to take pure and real photos that show what we humans really look like and what live really looks like. A mission that stems from a period during my student days when I was very insecure. Insecure about my body and my whole appearance.

Now that I, as a photographer, can choose what kind of images I send into the world, I want each of these images to be pure and authentic photos. Photos that are realistic and tell a true story. I love to photography family stories, love stories or your personal story. You and your story are perfectly good as it is!

My personal Philosophy

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

We might be a perfect fit if

You live life to the fullest

You take on adventures

You appreciate the little things in life

You loves to spend time outdoors

You can appreciate pure and authentic photos

Reserve your photoshoot in the area of Stockholm now. Don't wait with telling your beautiful love story, family story or personal story.