5 tips for smartphone photography


When you are traveling you don’t always have a digital camera with you. Just because it can be heavy or because you simply don’t own a digital camera. But we always have our phone to capture these spontaneous moments or views.

But even though taking photos with your smartphone is quite easy, there are still some secret tips that will make your phone photos even better. Down here I will list my 5 recommendations to make better travel and portrait photos with your phone.

1. Make sure your lens is clean

This tip is probably one of the easiest ones. But a clean lens results in better and sharper photos and that’s what we want. Just imagine where your phone is during the day; pocket, purse on the couch. Often there is dust and many fingerprints on your lens. Therefore, clean your lens before you use it to capture crisp imagery. You can clean your lens with some glass wipes or a microfiber wipe to ensure the lens is spotless without dust and fingerprints.

2. Go for the best lighting

Light is the key in photography. So also when you take a photo with your mobile phone. For travel photos you will mostly be outside, that´s perfect. Natural light always works better than artificial light. If you have a choice, then preferably go for soft light. This can be found in the shadow or around sunset/sunrise (also known as the golden hour). And remember; never make these portrait travel photos in harsh sunlight at the middle of the day. Nobody get’s pretty from that light.

3. Adjust the lighting

Did you know you can adjust the light on your smartphone? Yes, you can. Simply tap on the photo screen and move your finger up or down to adjust the exposure in the shot. Smartphones often struggle with correct exposure, which results in over-exposed photos or underexposed portraits. So, always adjust the lighting on your phone before you take the photo.

4. Make sure you keep your phone in one position

We always have our phones with us and it’s so easy to take shots, that we something forget to hold our phones quiet. If you move your phone slightly your photo will be unsharp because of movement blur.

5. Tap for the focus point

Another trick that not everybody knows; is you can choose your focus point on your mobile phone camera. How to select the focus point; simple tap on your screen at the point where you want that the camera focusses on. You often see a little square or circle around that place. By doing this you avoid the focus point being in a place you don’t want it to be.

When traveling you want to capture these beautiful places you visit and these happy moments you experience. Just follow these tips for mobile phone photography and you’re ready to capture your next trip. And don’t forget to edit your travel photos, for the best results.